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Posted by John 26/11/2017 0 Comment(s)


We are happy that our roller blinds have caught your attention. We give you the opportunity to become familiar with them even better by providing you with samples.

The standard number of free fabric samples is 5

Samples will be sent within 72 hours on working days.

DAY AND NIGHT BLACKOUT COLOURS AND CODES:Blackout Light Grey:BH1601 / Blackout Beige:BH1602 / Blackout Grey:BH1604
DAY AND NIGHT COLOURS AND CODES: Bahama Light Brown:BH11 / Bahama Cream:BH12 / Bahama Honey:BH13 / Bahama Abstract:BH14 / Bahama Brown:BH15 / Bahama Dark Brown:BH16 / Bahama Striped Gray:BH17 / Bahama Dark Violet:BH18 / Bahama White:BH20 / Bahama Very Light Brown:BH22 / Bahama Light Purple:BH23 / Bahama Pink:BH24 / Bahama Orange:BH25 / Bahama Blackout Light Gray:BH1601 / Bahama Blackout Beige:BH1602 / Bahama Blackout Grey:BH1604 / Bahama Exclusive White:BH1500
ROLLER BLINDS COLOURS AND CODES: Eden Black:ED036 / Eden Brown:ED149 / Eden Buttercup:ED103 / Eden Champagne:ED129 / Eden Chocolate:ED150 / Eden Dark Green:ED118 / Eden Dark Grey:ED040 / Eden Denim:ED122 / Eden Eau De Nil:ED113 / Eden Green:ED017 / Eden Gray:ED138 / Eden Hazel:ED130 / Eden Lavender:ED109 / Eden Light Grey:ED135 / Eden Mid Grey:ED139 / Eden Mid Pink:ED110 / Eden Mint:ED116 / Eden Navy:ED124 / Eden Off-White:ED133 / Eden Orange:ED105 / Eden Lime:ED045 / Eden Puff:ED125 / Eden Purple:ED108 / Eden Red:ED107 / Eden Rust:ED106 / Eden Sky:ED119 / Eden Vanilla:ED127 / Eden White:ED137 / Eden Yellow:ED104
BLACKOUT ROLLER BLINDS COLOURS AND CODES: Madagascar Ashen:MGR054 / Madagascar Beige:MGR053 / Madagascar Black:MGR069 / Madagascar Blue:MGR206 / Madagascar Bordo:MGR215 / Madagascar Brick:MGR213 / Madagascar Brick Red:MGR213 / Madagascar Brown:MGR066 / Madagascar Cappuccino:MGR204 / Madagascar Cinnamon:MGR212 / Madagascar Cream:MGR056 / Madagascar Dark Blue:MGR207 / Madagascar Dark Brown:MGR216 / Madagascar Dark Grey:MGR061 / Madagascar Flaxen Grey:MGR064 / Madagascar Flaxen:MGR063 / Madagascar Green:MGR205 / Madagascar Grey:MGR203 / Madagascar Light Beige:MGR052 / Madagascar Light Pink:MGR062 / Madagascar Mint:MGR055 / Madagascar Orange:MGR060 / Madagascar Pale Yellow:MGR210 / Madagascar Red:MGR208 / Madagascar Sandy:MGR058 / Madagascar Vanilla:MGR057 / Madagascar White:MGR051 / Madagascar Yellow:MGR059 
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